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I love your sessions the most by far, because I know you and I love you, it's just a fact and trend I've noticed over the last few years that I end up doing more and giving more during my time with your sessions. Between editing more photos and going far over the 1 hour session time, I never want you to feel like I charge you too much by giving you my normal fees. You are still receiving me and what I offer at my very best! Each Portrait session is 1 hour long. Many have asked if I offer mini sessions; the answer is depend. My policy is that I do not offer mini sessions outside of the times that I have set up for them throughout the year. The fees are brought down for you during those sessions because I do not have to take into consideration the travel time and scheduling on different days. I hope you continue to book with me.

Traveling fee: $250 will be applied to any location that is more than 60 minutes drive from 5 E beetlewood Ave, Oaklyn, NJ

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